August the 25th, 2016

The LP version of Night Gap will be out in a few days with the help of GPS Prod, Impure Muzik, Emergence Records, Dingleberry Records, Dangerhouse Skylab, Some Produkt, and Shot Down.
Alternative cover still made by John Yates, with insert and a cover song of The Marked Men as bonus track!
It will be available HERE on September the 1st!
We will be on tour and we still need help, drop us a line if you want to help!


April the 12th, 2016

The Irradiates will be our road mates for one week through Italia and Croatia. Five gigs, last one in Zagreb!
Tour poster designed by Julien from Echo Canyon and silkscreened by ourselves at Superseñor.


March the 21st, 2016

We would like to thank Lost Boys, Impure Muzik, Les Passagers Du Zinc and all the people who came to our album release party earlier this month!
We are leaving this week for four gigs with Cab Drivers Stories :
03/23 Limoges at Espace El Doggo w/ Cab Driver Stories
03/24 Orléans at La Scène Bourgogne w/ CDS, Tomia
03/25 Tarbes at CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB w/ Cab Driver Stories
03/26 Périgueux at Les toqués Périgueux w/ Cab Driver Stories


February the 1st, 2016

Already back home after our first gigs of 2016! We thank all the people who came to the shows and welcomed us in their clubs and / or at home, we say thank you to the bands we shared the stage with, Nothing More, Woodson, Mountain River, Cobra, M. Fallan, and of course to our sound guy Lulu and the Cab Driver Stories!
We'll celebrate our new album in March, here in Besançon, with our friends from Lost Boys, before leaving again with the Cab Drivers for a few days.


January the 20th, 2016

Night Gap is finally out! CD's are available on Bandcamp, where you also can listen to it in its entirety.
We on the road to Paris with the Cab Drivers Stories for our first gig together tonight!
If you want to get more, you also can follow us on Facebook.


January the 11th, 2016

The CD is on the pressing plant, we are so eager to get it! Meanwhile, two songs are already up on Bandcamp.

We are almost ready to hit the road with our friends Cab Driver Stories whom singer-drummer Sylvain performed the lead vocals on one song of our album. First gig of the tour is in Paris, check the gig section for the whole tourdates.

Below a short teaser of our record. See you later!


December the 13th, 2015

Almost one year of silence here! It's a shame but we are back with big news. We worked hard on Night Gap, our first album since last september. We had an eleven day session during october and november at Cube Studio, near Besanšon. Brian McTernan is working right now on the mix and it we should be able to put some tunes online quite soon. In the meantime, here is the cover designed by John Yates.

This album will be out early 2016 and we will play some gigs with a brand new band from Besanšon called Cab Driver Stories next january and march. LP version should be out in few months.


December the 14th, 2014

Last week we spent 3 days with Jack & The Bearded Fishermen for the last gigs of the year. Thank to all the people who came at the shows, and all the friends who came and/or helped, it was a really nice week end.
We'll start 2015 working on new material and hopefully get a new record out during the year.
Best from the Gloves!


June the 6th, 2014

These days we will be playing several shows swapping with Jack And The Bearded Fishermen whose guys had to cancel their tour.
We're glad to play almost all the gigs with good friends: Giessen, Germany today with Das Model, then next week, Paris with Napoleon Solo, Montaigu at Le Zinor, and finally Niort, Angoulême and Meschers with Robot Orchestra.
And before we hit the road, let's send a good vibe to our favorite bearded fishers stuck on the shore!


March the 7th, 2014

We kept silent for a while, but we are back to present you our new 7”! Cut form the same cloth as the band’s first record, here are two new songs: Twelve Headeaches and I'm Off For The Ditch.
If you’re interested in having it physically, feel free to buy the vinyl online! We also want to thank all those who gave us a hand for the release, namely Some Produkt, Slow Death, Echo Canyon, GPS Prod, Emergence and Impure Muzik.
We already have a couple of shows announced, including one in Besançon for the Mighty Worm’s Birthday with Second Rate, and another one in Geneva at the Urgence Disk record shop of L’Usine! Cheers!


November the 20th, 2013

Back from Belgium and a gig in Gotham City where Batman still has a lot to do, we played at home last week in La Rodia with Fordamage and Pauwels. Some pics here!
Next rendez-vous in Strasbourg this saturday at Mudd Club in Strasbourg with Petseleh and Honolulu. Pretty excited about that!


November the 6th, 2013

Some reviews of our first single: Razorcake, Records Are Better Than People and Cafzik (The last two ones are in french) and a report of the gig we did in Lyon late September (still in french!).
Thanks to the friends who came at Le Trokson and thanks to Bruno from the cool record shop Dangerhouse for adding us to his Playlist of the Month last October.
Tomorrow we will be heading to Belgium for two gigs!


September the 6th, 2013

Some gigs just have been added to the "Concerts" section, check it out!

Besides we've been busy with our other bands: The Irradiates are working on a new full length to be recorded late october and Jack And The Bearded Fishermen just finished the new album which will be out early 2014.

See you soon!


May the 5th, 2013

The first two gigs were held and we started to sell our first copies of the 7 inches. We wanted to salute Scarlett Johansson who, just some days after our studio session, got our first single title tattooed! We're flattered!

We will be heading to Paris next wednesday in order to open for Smoke Or Fire and Astpai. This night at Le Klub will be the 34th gig on their 6 week tour! See you there!


April the 1st, 2013

We're happy to present here the first activities of RED GLOVES.
We work patiently for many months on these tracks, when our respective bands leave us a little free time, Macst and Buanax playing in The Irradiates, Thomas and Hervé in Jack and the bearded fishermen.
Our birth will be the first 45t "Lucky You! " out with the invaluable help of Slow Death, Emergence Records, Impure Muzik and GPS Prod. We're grateful for their support. You can already listen and order our first two songs on bandcamp.
A second 45t is already recorded and should follow in coming months.
We will begin the shows on April 18 in Besançon and still are looking for gigs for the beginning of summer. Drop us a line if you want to help us! Then we'll see what the future holds...

See you soon!



22/09 : Geneva (CH) @ L'Usine + Cab Driver Stories
23/09 : Valdoie @ Le New Tone + CDS
24/09 :
Chamonix @ TBA + CDS

06/10 : Strasbourg @ Le Diamant d'Or + Lost Boys
07/10 : Giessen (DE) @ AK44 + Lost Boys
08/10 : Delémont (CH) @ SAS + Lost Boys

16/12 : Besançon @ PDZ + Not Scientists


Night Gap
1st Album - LP Version

Night Gap
1st Album - CD Version

Twelve Headaches
2nd 7" b/w I'm Off For The Ditch

Lucky You!
Debut 7" b/w Twins Call

Tee Shirt - Logo / S-M-L-XL & Girly

Tee Shirt - Tetra / S-M-L-XL & Girly